Lord David Frost and Hon Lee Anderson MP

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In June, Lord David Frost kindly gave up his time for the youngsters for a second time, having originally attended an event in Surrey for me. David was very popular, and spoke about his time with Boris as well as trying to sort out the Northern Ireland situation. He spoke candidly about the Conservative prospects. A second speaker joined us, and presented a talk packed full with information about housing and planning, the highly knowledgeable Nicholas Boys Smith, from the organisation CreateStreets, currently helping the Department for Levelling Up. Again around 25% of young Conservatives attended.


In November Lee Anderson kindly became our VIP speaker at our third event. He wowed the audience of up to 40% young Conservatives, with his journey: from working in the pits with his dad, falling out with his former fellow Labour Councillors, finally “seeing sense”, and becoming a Conservative. He won Ashfield and became MP, then in Feb 23, he recounted being in South America when the call came through to become Deputy Chair of the party. He is authentic through and through and people were delighted. 

Some of my friends and Conservative supporters and patrons from Devon had travelled up, and one of them, long time Conservative supporter and businessman Peter Hogger summed it up nicely when he said the following:

Lee Anderson was warm and intelligent, I very much enjoyed his talk. A breath of fresh air, he is a man …with whom one can relate. The party needs many, many, more, with that kind of ground-up experience of life. I have to say that there are many in public life from both sides of politics who do not have a clue in terms of relating to the lives life of the average voter. Lee does!

I also want to say how lovely the members of your True Blue Supper club are. We joined the Chesham and Amersham Conservative Association in 1975 …and I cannot remember a more enjoyable meeting than this one. It just hit the sweet spot so well.”

Many others said the same.

To sign up for news about our next event, most likely early March or April, click on the newsletter link. We have requested several speakers for next year, including Gillian Keegan, who has rafts of good news stories as Minister for Education and Apprenticeships, and others. Do watch out for updates and join us if you can.

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