The True Blue Patrons Club was set up in 2023 to bring together both new and legacy members of the Conservative party, at key events with prestigious speakers, with one crucial difference – attendees can make a donation to help to subsidise a Young Conservative’s ticket.

The first event took place in February 2023 just off Whitehall, featuring an incredible talk from Sir John Redwood. Over 25% of the guests were under 26.

In June we welcomed our second illustrious speaker, Lord David Frost, and again had an impressively high proportion of Young Conservatives.

In November, Deputy Chair Lee Anderson MP bought us our highest proportion of under 26s yet, about 40%, with another fabulous supper event.

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Future speakers we hope to include –
– Rt Hon Gillian Keegan MP
– Lord Jeffrey Archer
– Sir Geoffrey Cox
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Founder, Debbie Flint, is deputy chair fundraising and membership of Torridge and West Devon Conservative Association. All profits go towards future Young Conservatives‘ events in London and Devon.

These events are exclusively for Conservative members, CWO, Young Conservatives, CPF etc. You will be asked for your membership number when buying tickets.

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